Federal Judge’s Panel Gives Prosecutor the Go-Ahead to Indict Obama and Clinton

A panel of federal judges has cleared the way for indictments against former President Barack Obama and 6-time loser, Hillary Clinton. According to their ruling:

“President Obama allowed his Secretary of State to bring her personal emails home with her. He also allowed the criminal actions in the Uranium One deal and handed billions to Iran.

The evidence is too great to ignore and Hillary Clinton had first-hand knowledge and even helped work the deal.

These two are not above the law and should be held accountable. We hereby rule that indictment is not only legal, but moral and necessary.”

Obama will be indicted on 4 counts of fraud and three counts of Treason, while Clinton will face charges of embezzlement and collusion with a foreign government for profit.

The panel’s decision now goes down to the prosecutor who started the whole thing, Art Tubolls, District Attorney for the West Tallahassee area. He’s confident that once his case is recognized, that the federal government will use it to have her indicted at that level:

“We feel good about our case. No, you don’t have to indict someone in federal court to prove a case against them. We’ve collected some of the finest evidence available, as well as the testimony of Senior Mailman Bri-Bri Kolfag, whose wall is coming along nicely while progress is at a standstill. He’s hoping this will help free up some of his GoFundMe.”

The whole thing is a mess, but hopefully Mr. Tubolls, who used to work in the White House, will be victorious.

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