For These Young Trump Supporters Duty Comes First


A group of young Trump supporters is making a difference for millions. During times of uncertainty and incontinence, these kids know what is really important. They are a group you can really depend on and we are poised to really give them our admiration and thanks.

Sixteen-year-old Joe Barron had this to say about the cause:

“There are people out there who simply can’t hold everything and wait. They need immediate aid! It’s our duty to relieve them of this tremendous pressure.”

And, that’s exactly what they are doing. In fact, they filled nearly a quarter of their school’s gymnasium with boxes!

The group has held a drive and collected over 2 million adult diapers and pads. These items will be distributed to those who need them the most.

Sandy Batts, a straight-A student at Al Lod High School, is part of the cause collecting 500 boxes. She received the class award for being Most Dependable.

Art Tubolls and his wife, Trudy are part of the group in need. They are thankful for these kids and say this single act will bring them much relief.

“Drives like this one really help us in our time of need, even when we don’t realize until it’s too late. We are grateful for what these kids are doing.”

Since there have been wide reports of people taking advantage of such charities, a qualifying test is needed for confirmed eligibility. Three tests are in place to screen out the scammers. To maintain the integrity of such tests, the organization has asked us not to divulge their tactics for verifying individual needs.

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