Kooky AOC Demands Windmill-Powered Government By 2023

This woman is insane and unqualified.

Democrat Alessandra Ocasio-Cortez has had some dumb ideas.

Drinking water being “at least 73% recycled urine or equivalent bodily waste.”

Removing Founding Father George Washington from the dollar bill because he “slaughtered Native Americans wholesale when he discovered America.”

Even “carving the face of Martin Luther King into Stone Mountain where the Rushmore monument is.”

These are all things she has said we should do.

Now, this brilliant mind-genius has another idea: windmill-powered government.

Yes, you read that right. A windmill-powered government.

“We need to cut the cord to the electric company entirely,” this clear rocket scientist said in a town hall event Thursday. “We have seen proof that wind power works, and we the people need to demand that it works for us.”

“By 2023, I want the government to run 100% off of wind power,” she added. “I don’t care how we do it. I don’t care how we pay for it.”

“We can’t afford not to do it,” she concluded as Democrats burst into applause. “And we can use the money Trump got for that big stupid wall to do it. Our reliance on the power company is the real national emergency.”

According to Yale professor of Economics and founder of the R.U.F.U.S Institute, Dr. William S. Preston, AOC’s plan to power all government by windmill is an unprecedentedly ignorant and foolish venture” that would cost $25 billion in taxpayer dollars — and that’s a conservative estimate!

Plus, numerous studies have shown that close proximity to windmills does indeed, as President Trump said, increase cancer risk. That’s why cancer rates are so high in Quaker and Amish settlements throughout the nation, according to the CDC.

Scientists agree that this idea would definitely not work

“If there’s no wind for a couple days, the whole grid goes down,” says environmental biologist and author of “Urechis Unicinctus and You,” Dr. Ted T. Logan, Esq. “It’s an inherently dangerous idea.”

AOC’s plan is economically reckless. It’s dangerous to the health of all Americans who live within 25 miles of a government building.

It’s time for AOC to go away — or better yet, she should stick around. She shows us every day how loony the Democrat Party can be.

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