Windmill Cancer Is Real, And Obama Is To Blame

The truth is right in front of you

New documents reveal that Donald Trump was correct on windmill cancer, and it goes all the way back to the Obama administration.

President Trump, who will never point the finger at anyone but himself, was forced to reveal that the Obama administration knew about the dangers of wind farms in 2009, and kept quiet about it.

Barack Hussein Obama had secret meetings with windmill manufacturers during his reign of terror on the United States. When told of the dangers of the windmills pulling chemtrails out of the atmosphere, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said: “as long as it puts clean coal industries out of business, it doesn’t matter, I’m in the business of killing coal”.

Trump putting himself in danger
President Trump putting himself in danger to protect the American people.

This was all discovered when windmill manufacturer Hemispheres’ owner Neil Peart passed away earlier this month from, you guessed it, cancer. Documents stamped “Vapor Trails” showed a Halo Effect when the windmills were in full operation.  Knowing the dangers of chemtrails when caught by the windmills, the Obama administration went ahead with the project, going so far as to use taxpayer money to finance Hemispheres while giving Mr. Obama a handsome cut of the profits.

This enraged our president, as the unbelievable corruption and disregard for American citizens was just too much. Glorious leader Donald Trump refused to even take a salary for his services as President and is horrified at the thought of anyone using the highest office in the land for personal gain, especially when it puts so many lives of citizens and eagles in jeopardy.

Obama was well aware that eagles would fly into these death mills, calling it simply “collateral damage for the greater good of my pocketbook”.

The mainstream media has had fun at the expense of Donald Trump, all the while keeping the truth about windmill cancer a secret. The truth now exposed, and the media is hyping up the impeachment hoax to yet again destroy our dear leader.

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