William Barr Signs $8 Million Book Deal He Say’s Will Be ‘Devastating’

Former Attorney General William Barr is turning out to be every bit the Deep State operative Donald Trump had to have known he was when he tossed him out of the DOJ.

Barr, who is now a private citizen, has sold his house in Arlington, moved to an unknown location, and signed a book deal worth $8 million up front.

Nobody has been able to reach Barr, but a friend of his driver said their neighbor saw Barr talking on the phone and swore she heard him say something about Wichita for some reason.

According to a source close to Barr’s publisher, the book will be an expose of the Trump administration from the top down. Every aspect of what he calls a “contempt-filled criminal organization with aspirations for world domination.”

So far the president’s Twitter has been quiet on the subject but we’re expecting a huge display of toddlleresque kicking and screaming once he realizes exactly what Barr knows and how fast he can sink Donald Trump’s political future.

Several other members of the administration have already written books, typically about the corruption they witnessed while serving under Trump. Unfortunately, they’re not really telling reasonable people anything they don’t know, and the common Trump supporter left the realm of reality long ago.

Barr is also looking to get himself a spot on daytime TV, telling a pal, “I’d really like to do a show with Michael Strahan. He seems nice.”

He is, Will. He really is.

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