Who Do These Belong To? Mysterious Eyes Popping Up Everywhere

The nation is abuzz about the mysterious eyes that are popping in cities and tourist areas across the country. They appear to be watching us……..and citizens are demanding to know why that is and who is behind it.

The beautiful eyes first began to appear online, invading people’s homes through their screens. From there, they appeared on billboards and park benches – never with any explanation as to to what they represented or who they belonged to. The New York Times surveyed people on the street and asked them if they knew who the eyes belonged  to. The answers revealed nothing. “Some hot chick”. “Some broad”.  Nobody had a name .

Soon the hypnotic stare appeared in larger urban centers. People saw it looming over them at Times Square

at the St Louis Arch

the Grand Canyon

Seattle’s Space Needle

 Rumors began to spread about what they were. A publicity stunt for a new product, some surmised. Advertising for a coming movie, others thought. Then one Facebook page – America’s Last Line of Defense – revealed sources that identified the sultry orbs as being part of a deep state surveillance scheme. It seems they knew that people would be drawn to the knowing glance found in the image, so used it to manage their “Big Brother” style invasion of citizen’s privacy. To what end is unknown. We can only assume it is nefarious.

When asked, the public seemed to not be bothered by the eyes watching them wherever they went…….the men anyway. Said one man, “I don’t know who they belong to but they can watch over me anytime.”

Will the persons responsibility for this violation ever be found? Will those responsible for subjecting us these entrancements be brought to justice? We can only hope. Only time will tell.

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