White House Will Sue Congress to Reinstate the LAWFUL 1952 Ban on Muslims in Office

In 1952, Congress passed a law forbidding the practice of Shania Law here in the US as well as Musslamics running for office. Unfortunately, that law was never properly enforced, mostly because of a movement at the time to feel sorry for Japanese families we put in camps during World War II so they wouldn’t Kamikaze us here at home.

So back then, Islam was still pretty peaceful. They hadn’t done a bunch of stuff you could read about online. But we knew from the writings of Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson that Musslamics worship their Moon God Allahu ferociously and if we were to ever piss them off…they’d come for us.

The White House is now on a mission to remind Congress that Musslamics are pissed off, and we need to be ready. They want to bring their goat festivals and Moon God statues to Washington DC. They want to infiltrate our government and take away our Constitution and replace it with Shania and we won’t have it.

If successful, a religious test would be put in place for all those seeking public office. If the answers aren’t inherently Christian in value, they may be deemed to be in violation of the 1952 law. That may also snag a few atheists and some of those weirdos that worship spaghetti.

Hopefully, this will pass the courts with ease, but if not, there’s always the Supreme Court, which basically belongs to Trump at this point. Either way, Trump is once again making us safer.


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