White House Files Motion To Have Impeachment Expunged

President Trump’s personal lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Alan Derpshowitz, have filed a motion with the 34th Federal Court of Appeals in Tecumseh, Arizona to expunge his “impeachment” from the official public record. According to Article 4 Section 11 of the US Constitution, a federal court can clear the record of any elected official acquitted by the US Senate.

President Trump’s legal team is in unchartered waters. Both of the other Presidents who were impeached were actually guilty of their crimes, so their motions were denied. In Trump’s case, not only is he innocent, he’s the most popular President since Republican hero Abraham Lincoln.

According to Derpshowitz, the case is a slam dunk:

“Trump’s patriotism makes this a clear-cut case. His actions on Ukraine were perfect. Threatening to expose corruption and ruining a Democrat should be considered an act of kindness, not a crime.

“The court in Tecumseh will side with us and they’ll have to stop calling the President ‘impeached.'”

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House of Representatives have responded by claiming they’ll just impeach him again and again. They’re using ridiculous terms like “treason” and “unfit to serve.” They say they want to see the transcripts of Trump’s meetings with Putin. They want his organization investigated for violations of the “emoluments clause,” which they don’t seem to understand.

When all is said and done, Trump’s record will be clean and he’ll be able to petition the Supreme Court for an extension of his term.

This is the way.

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