Whistleblower to Be Arrested and Deported


The Washington D.C. Whistle-blower, or as he is known in Conservative circles as the “whistle-blower” will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. D.C. county Sheriff’s deputy Doug McKinnon told reporters today.

“But first I have to find out who it is, but don’t worry, I’ll hunt him down like a dog, even if it means bringing in the K-9 units from Virginia. He’s like really, really mean”

“This “person” needs to show his face so we can parade him around town, probably on a rail and we have plenty of feathers. All we need is USDA approved tar and this guy will be really sorry. Really sorry.” McKinnon is quoted as saying.

In this case the “whistle-blower” said they heard hearsay about a phone call that they weren’t even on, so we need to know why they are making things up and lying about our President and the way he conducts his day to day business.

If they don’t like the way the President gets things done for our country, then let them run for the office. After they are elected, then they can call anyone they want to. It’s not as easy as our President makes it look, let me tell you.

We need to find out who these traitors are and send them packing back to the country where they came from. Maybe their Allah or whoever these atheistics prey to will swoop down to save them from their impending doom. We have laws to protect our President and it’s time we use them. Even Adam “Shifty” Schiff can’t save these treasonous traitors from the frontier justice that Mr. Trump is about to enforce on these clowns.

For now we play the waiting game to see if these cowards come forward.


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Billy Ray Jenkins was born in a sharecroppers shack in Oklahoma until 1 day a tornado swept him, his house and his dog out to California, where he naturally despised the illiberatti and vowed to expose them, each and every one.

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