Whistleblower And Schiff Are Childhood Friends

The truth is right in front of you

A source has revealed more truths about the whistleblower complaint by revealing her ties to lead liar, Adam Schiff. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear for his life, has known Adam Schiff since childhood……as well as the supposed “whistleblower”. You see the three of them, it turns out, have know each other since they were 9 years old, growing up in Spokane, Washington. Adam Schiff and the source of the democrats information are childhood friends, still close, and in regular, close contact. It was even suggested that the two are currently romantically involved, though that will not be confirmed until tomorrow.


Our source had been silent on the matter until now out of a sense of loyalty to former friends but said he “could no longer hold my tongue with so much at stake.” And he continued:

“I felt like I had to protect these people I’d known all my life. It’s silly, I know but it felt right.

But then I saw the real damage being done. A good man was being smeared and his job was put at risk over what’s most likely a lie. I can’t let that happen.

They’ve done this before. In high school, they made up stories about a teacher that flunked Adam. They said he touched her and all sorts of nonsense. It was all crap. They laughed about it. Mr Harris was fired and never taught again. These two know what they’re doing and they do it just for fun. I assure you I am lying”

So while the source is not able to confirm that the blower is lying, this makes it likely. Why was this relationship not revealed by Schiff? Why keep it hidden? Cover-ups always mean lies are being told.

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