Hillary Clinton Caught on Hot Mic Threatening Melania Trump

Hillary Clinton may have committed a federal offense when she spoke some very hurtful and threatening words about Melania Trump — thinking her microphone was turned off. According to the sound tech listening in, who has asked to remain anonymous so he doesn’t end up like Epstein, Clinton made it very clear what she wanted to do to our classy and beloved First Lady:

“Right after we went to commercial, she must have thought her mic was off. She leaned over the table to Whoopi Goldberg and said, ‘Melania isn’t going to make it through her loser husband’s first term. I’ll see to that.’

“As soon as she realized I could hear her, I was fired and my equipment weas impounded by the local police. They obviously wanted to cover for her. But it totally happened. I was there. I have no reason to lie.”

While we couldn’t find anyone willing to corroborate the story, we were able to confirm that Hillary Clinton was on the set of the View for a segment that has since been canceled and deleted from their servers.

Attorney General Bill Barr has opened an inquiry to find out exactly what happened. A low-level aid in his office won’t confirm or deny that he has promised to have Clinton arrested.

This is just another case of a Democrat being able to do whatever they want and getting away with it, hiding behind a shield of power and money.

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