Fox News Offers Shep Smith $40 Million to Come Back

Since Fluff was a Kitten

I don’t think any of us will ever forget the day that we turned on Fox News and realized we hadn’t seen Shep Smith in a while. And, sure enough, the guy had quit because Fox was too conservative for him.

Well, apparently the executives and producers over at Fox News have lost their freaking minds because they are asking Shep to come back! Yep, that’s right. Ol’ Shep Smith is wanted on the airwaves.

In an exclusive interview with none other than Joe Barron, Shep Smith had this to say about the offer he can’t pass up from Fox News:

“Well, they called me on the phone, Joe. Called me on the phone. Everyone knows that we haven’t used telephone calls since Fluff was a kitten, and she’s a full grown cat — you email, you text. Rarely do you call. Anyway, Fox called me and they said, ‘Hey Shep! We really need you to come back. Bill is gone. Some of the ladies are gone. We really need you on the air.’

With that kind of talk, plus $40 million and an executive producer position, there’s no way I could turn it down.”

So, Shep will be back over on Fox News. There are some rumors flying saying that the network is considering bumping Hannity to a later hour to give Shep the primetime spot. Something about Shep being the only guy in the business that can give Maddow a run for her money, even if he can be a little more dramatic.

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