New ‘RealChoice’ Voting Machines for 2020 Financed By Clinton Foundation


An article recently featured in Washington’s City News Post has discovered a troubling connection that is just starting to permeate within the news cycle.  It appears, according to paperwork found and confirmed by federal district attorneys, that new voting machines, known as : “RealChoice” systems, set to roll out nationwide for the 2020 election season, are financed and produced by the Clinton Foundation.   Sources at the foundation would not return inquiries for clarification.

Election commissioner John Guluv allayed fears of a tainted election in an address from the Lincoln memorial this afternoon :

“The Clinton Foundation is well-respected and very tech-savvy.  To believe that the Clinton’s themselves would have any kind of sinister input with the programming of the machines is a paranoid fantasy.  Like pizzagate or chemtrails.  I’m sure there will always be the flat-headed Alex Jones morons who will throw fits, but in the end, they’ll all line up at the machines just the same to vote for a real President in 2020.”

Kamala Harris, seen here staring at President Trump as if her eyes could blast out beams of lava.

The machines are black, with square touchscreens and DNA checkpads.  They can be recognized by the distinctive Foundation logo on either side :

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