Virginia Tramples on First Amendment Rights

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

Ralph Northam, DEMOCRAT Virginia Governor is once again taking rights away from Virginia citizens, this time in ending the “right” to discriminate against LGBT Virginians. With a stroke of a pen, he stopped good Americans from keeping gay people from jobs, homes and everything else.

What was long thought of as acceptable behavior for bigots is no more. Now people in Virginia who had long thought they have the protections to hurt their fellow citizens who simply were in loving relationships with their partners must treat them as equals, what they are in the first place anyway.

Sandy Batt, an older woman who still has her looks and grace, said this was a wonderful thing. Her wife shook her head in agreement, as they’ve been a couple for 50 years and had long endured bigotry from stupid people.

Others though were not thrilled with this new revelation, as they had irrational fears and thoughts about the LBGT community. Joe Barron, who had a MAGA hat and a rebel flag t-shirt on, was nearly despondent. He had to have someone who could read to him what it meant.

“You meaned I cant call dem names and stop dem from doin stuff” he exclaimed. He stomped in foot furiously, and then yelped in pain as the thought of wearing shoes had evaded him earlier in the day, when his foot came down on a rusty nail.

Many MAGA hat wearing conservatives scoffed at the idea that they were being forced to treat other people as human beings. Many were just back from protesting that they weren’t able to catch the coronavirus epidemic and now this. It was just too much for some to bear, as they had already started coughing and wheezing from being complete idiots earlier in the day.

As for Ralph Northham, bravo sir. Thank you for seeing that our fellow gay Americans are just that, our fellow Americans. And for the rest of you, keep crying.  Still your governor.

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