Pelosi To Eliminate Veteran’s Benefits After Age 65



Citing recent economic studies that find the elimination of veteran’s benefits after vets were eligible for social security would save the federal budget nearly 7 trillion dollars, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has instructed the Department of Budget and Finance to begin a transition to doing exactly that.

That department is headed by Mike Pence’s nephew Sherman.

Sandra Batt, finance analyst with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has raised many concerns about the new policy, fearing that social security payouts for our men and women retired from the uniform might not be sufficient for those needing medical assistance. Pelosi waved such notations away :

“They can get Medicare. Medicaid, even. They don’t need to sponge off the government any more than necessary. Plus, a portion of them support that shitheap Trump, who ran up our country’s deficit to give a tax break to his rich friends. Now they can help make up or that. You. Boy. Hand me my vodka tonic, will you? I’m positively bone dry, here.”

She’s meeting Gavin at a nearby Bennigans for Topless Tuesday.

Veteran’s support groups as well as weapons and arms manufacturers have promised to have Pelosi’s initiative hobbled, but fear that her descent into a paper-tearing state of mind might exasperate the situation. Molon Lube.

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