Vaccinations Linked To Gender Identity Disorder

A recent study conducted by think tank and up and coming political players, Conservative Reform Alliance Plan, has introduced to the public a stunning reveal about another effect stemming from the cause of childhood vaccinations.

C.R.A.P, through an in-depth study spanning over 3 days and involving 100 transgendered subjects, came to the startling conclusion that vaccines cause gender identity disorders. Chief researcher with C.R.A.P, Jolie Michelle, tells us more about their findings:

”Our methods were flawless. We used the Alternative Science Method throughout the span of our study. Obviously, that conclusively verifies our results. After all, we used the word “science”.

Researcher Jolie Michelle was astounded by the findings that she had planned to find out.

Our Craigslist ad specifically requested individuals who fit the description of  “transgendered” or “non-binary sexual identity”. Six hundred people replied who fit. That was far too large of a subject pool and we had no desire to accumulate that much data, so we randomly eliminated 500 to get to our one hundred subject goal.  Firing this process, we made 100% sure that the remaining participants had been vaccinated, so as to validate our theory.

In the end, we concluded that there is a causal effect between childhood vaccinations and gender confusion. Every single one of those questioned was so confused and every single one had been vaccinated as a child. It’s irrefutable. Finding they cause autism was the tip of the iceberg. This is HUGE!  Soon we will be releasing the results of our other vaccine related studies – each one using the same stringent methods and criteria as this – on causation of tiny male genitals and causing red hair. Gingers did NOT come to the earth naturally.”

CRAP was inspired to be “sciencey” by the incredible fact driven mind of First Lady, Ivanka Trump.

Groundbreaking stuff from the Conservative Reform Alliance Plan. Their work should soon change conventional medical thought throughout the world.

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