Clintons Sue D’Souza to Stop Uranium One Documentary


If you’re “in the know”, you’ve probably seen at least one of noted investigative journalist Dinesh D’Souza’s meticulously researched documentaries, like “Hillary’s America”, “Obama’s America”, or the lesser-known “Cruise’s America”, the latter of which ran into legal difficulties when the subject, actor Tom Cruise, used his Scientology contacts to muzzle it’s release.  Now, the Clintons are using the same playbook to try to stop his new feature, “Hillary’s Uranium” from ever seeing daylight.

The documentary, put together over the past two years, details the tale of Hillary Clinton’s “Uranium One” scandal during her time as Secretary of State.  As with D’Souza’s other films, it uses paranoia, ridiculous leaps of logic, and the gullibility of its teabagging viewers to weave a fictional account of an alternate history that could only have been written by a sad failed writer wearing an ankle monitor.

The expose also touches on a deal to sell nitrogen to Seth Rogan for whippits.

The lawsuit, filed last weekend through the firm of Joeseph, Barron, and Batt alleges that the severely demented M. Night Shitforbrains invented an entire series of inaccurate fake happenings to create libel out of a casual agreement, knowing that it would be believed in toto by the Trump supporting crowd, given that they tend to be dumber than a box full of empty baskets.

Even Rudy is sick of his boss’s drooling supporters. That’s not a face anyone can make easily.

The legal challenge is sure to drag on for years, taking into consideration the amount of money involved.  The collective mental sewer system that is the Trump base are fully convinced that the pair have endless amounts of magic capital and are able to pay off anyone with their vast Hydra-like secret spy network to achieve their nefarious goals.  It looks like Dinesh may be headed for a giant Di-mess.

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