Pelosi Files To Have Trump Tried Before U.N. Court


With the impeachment proceedings and trial phases of Congress’s attempt to unseat President Trump nearing their ends with an acquittal, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi isn’t giving up.  Unfazed by the obvious will of far less than half of the American people who are fine with allowing a criminal Commander-in-chief free from any semblence of justice, Pelosi has filed what’s known as a “Member State Request for Emergency Intervention” with the United Nations, which will begin possible arrest proceedings at the White House, followed by a trial in Geneva.

President Trump only knows “Geneva” as a Bronx prostitute who excelled at “making it rain.”

Such a request is extremely unusual, mostly reserved for a member state who has had a leader overtaken by a violent coup or has assumed absolute power against the will of a majority of the population.  The Speaker made clear in her written request that she believes the situation to be grave enough to require international assistance.  Text of the letter :

To : Secretary General Antonio Guterres:

From : Speaker of the House of the United States Nancy Pelosi

Dear Secretary General :

With efforts within the framework of the American justice system failing due to misplaced loyalty, fear, and illegal intimidation, I do hereby humbly request emergency intervention, arrest, and trial procedure in accordance with U.N. charter bylaw 12-A, sections 4-9.  I am declaring the United States a nation in distress being held captive by a criminal and illegal leader, Donald John Trump, and will expect your reply, followed by aid and support including paramilitary police should it become necessary, within the next two weeks.  Please help us.  He’s such a fat load of lying crap.

– Sincerely, Nancy Pelosi, Acting President, United States

Pelosi is also having a baby Yoda flown in for the trial in the event some adorable Jedi mind-tricking becomes necessary.

With the U.N. council already in a somewhat stormy relationship with President Trump, many on the beltway feel that the request has an excellent chance of being acted upon.  News network CNN has already appplied for credentials in Europe for a coverage crew to follow what may well be, yet another trial of the President.

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