UN Declares NRA Is A ‘Terrorist Organization’

The truth is right in front of you

In a near unanimous vote today – the only “nays” coming from the USA and Russia – the United Nations has officially declared the National Rifle Association a terrorist organization. In other words, the NRA has been given equal standing with groups like Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood.

The consequences of this declaration could be devastating to the USA, being the single largest supporting nation of the Association. Countries who have previously shown continued support of such organizations have been hit with strong and lasting economic sanctions, crippling economies and destroying livelihoods. UN member states are likely to follow the same disciplinary procedures against the USA as they would any other offending country. A severe recession could well result.

United Nations Undersecretary to the Secretary of the Secretary General, Satya Martin, expressed her joy at the vote’s result:

“Two birds with one stone. The NRA got its deserved designation today. Their organization seeks only to spread death and destruction. They are the ones that enable those that commit the terror acts by arming them.

But we also got the United States. The USA enables the enablers through its continued political support, not to mention the money that its citizens donate, feeding global terrorism financially.

It was a good day folks! Two bad guys are going down!”

It remains to be seen if sanctions will actually follow against us. We are not the typical pissant nation that such are usually levied against. We matter.

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