UK Newcomers Demand Cross Be Removed From Union Jack Because It Offends Them

The truth is right in front of you

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom…..

Certain newer segments of the British population have a complaint. They take issue with the flag of the land, the Union Jack pictured here:

What possible problem could they have with this beautiful, historical drapery, you may ask? Simple. It’s centerpiece is a cross, the simple of our lord and savior. Atheists and others have banded together to pressure the government of the UK to eliminate any sign of the Christian faith from the national image. They seek to replace it with an image of Ganesh, the big, multi-armed, half-man, half-elephant, worshipped part-time by more than a billion worldwide.

Does this look like equality and freedom?

Joe Barron, a representative of the group ‘Commonwealth Or Christian Kingdom?”, briefly outlined their concerns with the current flag representation of England and its lands:

“The United Kingdom is not just for Christians. We are representative of a multitude of religions and cultures from across the globe. Remember, we once enslaved people from all four corners of the earth and many of those former subjects now reside here. We are a tapestry of the world.

So why then is there a cross – a symbol only of Christianity – on the flag. It’s outrageous and an affront to sensibility, fairness, and equality.

Our organization seeks to remove this, at which point we may as well replace the flag entirely because there wouldn’t be much much left there. We would like to see the UK adopt the ancient banner of the god Ganesh. Ganesh is older than most gods so one could say he represents all faiths and therefore all people. Plus he makes me laugh. Look at him! His nose is a trunk!”

The group is scheduled to speak before the House of Lords next week to plead their case. The House is currently so full of liberals that it just might pass. We shall see.

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