Tucker Carlson Joins The ‘Never Trumper’ Deep State

The truth is right there in front of you

Tucker Carlson, once a conservative Trump supporter on the Fox News network has shown his true colors. Carlson DEMANDED an interview with Trump attorney Sidney Powell and demanded she show him proof of any monkey business that was taking place.

After she refused to bow to Carlson, he went on his Fox News show and trashed her. Tucker Carlson has joined the deep state against Trump.

Once thought of as a stable and non wavering Trump supporter who was always fair and balanced towards President Trump, Carlson went after Sidney Powell with a vengeance.

She asked who the hell he thought he was demanding anything from her, he was no different than the liberals on all the other networks trying to play games and trip her up. It’s obvious that Tucker Carlson forgot where his bread is buttered!

Now some will say that Carlson was trying his hand at actual journalism. That’s something he’s never done in his entire career. But he was trying to get down to the truth and the facts to present them to his audience, which after witnessing him actually conduct himself as a journalist, walked away from him and called him a deep state liberal like the rest.

Come on Tucker, we need an echo chamber!

Fox News director of programming Joseph Barron was not surprised at “fans” of Carlson turning on him.

“Look, these are really stupid people. Very easily led. We simply can’t do actual reporting on the Fox News network because it’s not what the viewers want. These people need their safe space and we’ve given it to them.” 

Well jokes on them, because Fox viewers are leaving the network to head over to Newsmax and OANN, where they’ll be spoon fed bullshit by people even worse than were on Fox.

Is Fox turning the corner? Probably not. But even they have to have seen the writing on the walls when it comes to Trump.

You can only congratulate abject failure for so long, you can only coddle the incredibly stupid so much, and then you really have to start thinking about your integrity. And integrity is something that Trump supporters just refuse to stand for.

God bless America! God bless Donald Trump! He’s gonna need it….

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