Trump’s Hidden Voters, the Silent Majority Guarantee Victory

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

Donald Trump has supporters all over the country. From all walks of life, from all over the country. These are a group of the elite supporters who’ve stated silent and behind the scenes. They may not have been supporters at the beginning, but they are all in to vote for the Greatest President Ever.

One of these “silent majority” hidden voters in Joe Barron, who wasn’t a voter at all in 2016, but seeing how Trump has transformed the political landscape, Barron now can’t wait to vote. He can barely contain his excitement. Mr Barron had just finished up a 25-year sentence this month, and he is now petitioning the governor to be able to vote as he’s repaid his debt to society.

Several of Barron’s associates part of the aryan nation gang, are also looking forward to voting for trump in large numbers.

“We’re taking off our hoods and showing ourselves for the first time, and we’re proud to be part of this movement, which truly speaks to us, at a level that even we dumbasses can understand!!” 

Coming out of trailer parks all over America in their bib overalls and flying rebel flags on their barely operational pick up trucks, they’re voting to ensure their heritage is alive and well in 2020 and beyond.

This silent majority will be silent no more. Ignorant confederate flag waving racists, all misquoting Bible verses and inbreeding, are going to be joining the other ignorant racist trump supporters in November. The truly super stupid right wing Americans who fly a flag of a nation that the United States soundly defeated believe that a big fat orange racist philanderer will once again be elected.

Ever since Trump’s embarrassing rally in Tulsa where really stupid people cheered him on as he used one hand (ONE HAND, LIBTARDS!!!) to drink a glass of water and re-create his bumbling down a ramp, these pack of toothless inbred cousin kissers have decided that they will publicly stand with their big fat ass replacement for Jesus. It’ll be a MAGA good time.

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