Trump Wins Lawsuit Against States Removing Him From 2020 Ballot

The truth is right in front of you

In the past couple of years, multiple states, most notably California and New York, have passed initiatives that would see the incumbent President Trump removed from the ballots in those states for the 2020 election. In each case, the demand was for his private and confidential tax returns to be released for public viewing by being published in nationwide circulation newspapers. This is obviously illegal and merely a ploy to try to strike against Trump’s inevitable reelection.

But President Trump and the White House legal team didn’t roll over and accept their decision. They fought back against each and every state though federal lawsuits. They were always confident of victory – they had no doubt at all, in fact. The illegality of the states’ actions was overwhelmingly clear. Federal statutes were clearly on the side of Trump.

And today in Federal Court, a judge agreed. Each state that has passed a law removing the Trump name from the ballot has been ordered to reverse their decision and ensure that he is offered as a 2020 presidential option.

Judge Flynt was decisive in his ruling:

“It’s clear to me that the president was removed not out of any legal or ethical considerations, as they defendants suggest, but rather purely for political purposes. This is an affront to our democracy and the republic.

In addition to the reversal of the state decisions, I hereby order damages to be awarded to the reelection campaign of our president in the amount of $100 zillion from each state for not playing fair.”

Judge Flynt is devoted to American decency.

This is a huge win for the President and his reelection bid. A second term is a virtual lock now. FOUR MORE YEARS!

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