Trump Will Make Formal Declaration : ‘America Is A Christian Nation’

The truth is right in front of you

The entire country has heard about the Fourth of July extravaganza that President Trump has planned in Washington, DC. He’s taking charge of the organization of the event himself – arranging entertainment, displays, venues, fireworks, you name it.  He’s devoting virtually all of his time to it.  And he’s hinted at a larger surprise for the day……..but only very vaguely hinted. Many have tried to coax more information from him but he has been very tight lipped and has stated that only his “inner circle” are privy to the planned announcement – all of whom are sworn to absolute secrecy.

Jesus himself has approved of President Trump’s message. It’s in the scripture. I swear to god.

Could it be a new baby on the way? An announcement about THE WALL? Maybe an exciting planned invasion of a socialist haven? Not even a clue had been revealed.

Until now.

An inside source – who shall remain anonymous but who is very close to the President – has revealed the extraordinary event. It is simultaneously amazing, delightful, awe-inspiring, and arousing. It is to be a formal decree of that which we have all known in our hearts but was not legally – Constitutionally – recognized.

President Trump will formally declare the United States of America to be a Christian nation.   

The President will be making an appearance on the main stage in O.D. Garfield Presidential Park just prior to the 6 hour fireworks extravaganza complete with RPGs and cannon fire.  It is at this time that our Commander-In-Chief is expected to announce an amendment to the First Amendment which will make the word of the one true God – the Christian God – the law of the land.

Praise Be. Hallelujah. America is to finally……truly become “God’s Country”.


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