Trump Will Address The Nation On National TV During Halftime

Sources close to former President Trump who have followed him to the new seat of the real power in this country, Mar-a-Lago, say that Trump has made arrangements to be on national television during halftime of the Super Bowl.

The source, who may or may not be currently employed by the former administration, says Trump is itching to get out in front of his people:

“President Trump misses the crowds and adoration. but he misses being able to insult people most. Without his social media, he’s been spending his days watching his presidency of irregular and often illegal executive orders being undone in the first month of the Biden presidency. It’s making him crazy. He has to speak to the people.”

And speak he will. The announcement of exactly where and when are being kept secret so Antifa doesn’t have a chance to interfere. What we do know is that everyone will be able to watch it and nobody can stop it.

There won’t be a rally, because those have become somewhat troublesome since the whole Capitol thing, but we will all hear President Trump’s vision for the future.

All of the major networks have said they have no idea where President Trump will broadcast from, but that they aren’t carrying it.

Some think President Trump may just admit that we have been under marshall law, that he’s still in charge, and that he’ll use the power of the commander-in-chief to commandeer the airwaves.

Others predict he’ll upload a video to Mewe and Gab. Those aren’t “national television,” so our best guess would be the more respectable networks like OANN will pick up the stream.

According to our sources, the exact location of Trump’s address will be broadcast in thousands of places and nobody will have a hard time finding it.

How soon before the broadcast will we know? That remains a mystery.

Now we wait. Let’s pray it all works out, patriots. It would really, really suck to be all disappointed. Again.

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