Trump Voluntarily Releases 5 Years of Tax Returns

President Trump has done it again. He owns the Democrats. With a chuckle and a swoosh of his famous black Sharpie, The President released 5 years of his tax returns he says “his attorney assures him are not under audit.”

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, elaborated on the disclosure:

“The President has repeatedly shown his willingness to open his world up to extreme scrutiny. He has already allowed a witch hunt to go on, and responded tastefully after he was proven innocent. Now, he’s going to extend the same courtesy and voluntarily submit 5 years of his tax returns. He is doing so of his own free will.”

That’s great news! The liberals are silent, of course, and the mainstream media doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, but at least we know everything is going as planned and that we can now move forward with the hearings on the Clinton scandals.

The West Wing is delivering the returns to the Attorney General’s Office this afternoon, where it will be combed through for national security issues and redacted if necessary. The White House isn’t releasing what years President Trump plans to release after the sensitive documents are cleared by his team. Insiders speculate it may be 1994-99, five years that were particularly bad for Trump businesses.

That way he gets to laugh at the libs yet again as they realize he really did lose a ton of money. Checkmate, snowflakes.

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