Trump Trolls Pelosi – Pays $36 Million Impeachment Cost Out Of His Own Pocket

Donald Trump once wrote in his book, “The Art of the Deal,” that one of the best ways to make a crybaby feel bad when they don’t get their way is to pay for their meal when you see them out on the town. “It really makes them angry,” Trump wrote, “and an angry man is a vulnerable man.”

This morning, Trump is trolling nancy Pelosi by paying for her impeachment. After receiving a report from the House Budget Committee on how much it will cost, the President has decided that the taxpayer shouldn’t hold the burden because he owns the libs so hard.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Guy DeTater, spoke off the record:

“The $36 million is a drop in the bucket to this President. His DC hotel made that in 2019 alone. His main concern is making sure the people don’t pay for someone else’s corruption, so he wrote a check for the total balance.”

Pelosi’s office hasn’t commented, but a few of the other Democrats that now look very stupid chimed in. AOC said, “There’s no way that buffoon actually has access to that kind of money.” Ilhan Omar said, “I wonder how many nights in his hotels that will cover for the Secret Service, his family, and the foreign dignitaries he’s trying to bribe.”

The worst, however, came from Hillary Clinton, who claimed that he was trying to buy the American people:

“This is the most despicable thing I’ve seen him do yet, and he was just impeached. History will remember this administration as being the most corrupt in history.”

Oh yeah? Two words for you, lady: Uranium One. The day trump sells 20 percent of our nuclear material to Russia we can talk. And what about Benghazi? How about those emails?

Proof positive that the Democrat party is immoral and that Trump truly does own the libs.

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