Trump to Leave GOP, Form New MAGA Party

“One People, One Nation, One Government”

Even before President Trump’s landslide election victory, it hasn’t been only the Democrats that have plotted against his success. The GOP have also been quite complicit.

They didn’t want him campaigning under the Republican banner. They tried to disqualify him from doing so…but people demanded him. They didn’t want him to be their candidate. They fought it tooth and nail… but the people won. They didn’t allow THE WALL to be included in any budgets. The people demanded it. They are now trying to shut Trump’s State of Emergency Declaration. And once again, the people won’t have it.

It seems that the GOP are now lockstep with the DNC in opposition to the will of the people at every turn. Yet we continue to give them our vote as the “lesser of two evils”. It’s either this corrupt bunch or the communists on the other side.

President Trump has decided that having just these two choices is not right for the betterment of the future of America. And so he will be making his official announcement tomorrow of  the formation of “The MAGA Party”, the only choice for putting America first. It is widely expected that this new party will eliminate the Republican contenders and likely most Democrats as well, clearing the way for steady MAGA Party government for years to come.

Republicans are already showing their devastation at the prospect of what is being called “The Trump Party”. They see the writing on the wall. Mass suicides are expected.

The new party will run candidates under the campaign slogan of “One people , One nation, One government”,  expressing a call for unity from coast to coast. Such words are perfect, in this reporter’s opinion, for leadership under the esteemed President Trump.

Trump studies the background materials for his new party’s platform.

The MAGA Party is the future of America. And finally the future if America looks bright.

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