Trump To Facebook ‘I Will Shut You Down If You Shut Down Free Speech”

The first amendment was made for Facebook!

This week, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook removed the accounts of several prominent, truth-telling, right wing pundits. The top names removed include Alex Jones, Milo Snuffleupagus, and Laura Loomer. As a result, free speech advocates from across the country are crying foul.

Facebook appears to have begun a campaign to censor conservative voices. They have shown a clear bias in the posts, pages, and groups they allow. Their favouritism for liberal socialist thought is clear.

President Trump has been following this trend very closely. He’s been very disturbed by what’s been going on for the past several years and now, it appears, he’s had enough.

The White House has issued a memorandum to be submitted to Facebook and Twitter, which will warn them against further impeding free speech. And it does not mince words. It makes it very clear that there will be consequences should they not comply.

Will you follow the President’s example?

President Trump sent out this tweet this morning :

”We have a little thing called free speech in this country. That means that nobody is allowed to censor the thoughts and words of Americans. We can say what we want. Anywhere. Anytime. About anything we damn well please.

Social media is in clear violation of the law and I am here to say to those little runts, Zuckerberg and the Twitter guy – I am watching and I promise you, I will shut you down!

In the meantime, I ask all Americans to boycott these platforms. Show them we matter!”

It’s about time that social media companies learned our laws and are forced to adhere to them. This may be the end for both Facebook and Twitter.




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