Trump To Ban Muslammics From Military Service

The truth is right in front of you

As President Trump once said, “There’s all these terrorists, all these attacks and they’re all of a particular religion. Something is going on there.”

Truer words have never been spoken and upon taking office, the President began to see about taking steps to prevent more “somethings” from taking place here. It began with the Muslimman travel ban. Last week was the arms sale to our only ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, so they could shut down the terrorist training camps . Now, Trump is solving another piece of the puzzle : he is preparing to sign an Executive Order to ban Muslammics in America from military service.

The move comes after several high profile terrorist attacks several years ago : Orlando, San Bernardino, and Fort Hood, amongst others.

White House spokesperson, Missy Southard, tells us more :

”President Trump has determined that there is no greater terrorist threat to the United States than Islama extremists. This obviously means anybody who practices that faith. That’s just logical. So don’t give me any guff about  placing the sins of the few onto the whole. Logic. Simpleminded logic.

And don’t say anything about right wing extremists being a larger threat. That’s what the FBI tried telling the President too. The FBI. The most corrupt police force in the nation. Who knows better? President Trump or the nation’s law enforcement. The answer to that is obvious. And it’s not who you think. That’s how obvious it is. Simple. Minded. Logic.”

It is simple. Don’t put weapons and incendiary devices in their hands. Don’t provide opportunities for treason. Keep Christians safe. It’s the way God intended our forces to be.

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