Trump Sues CNN After Mueller Report Clears Him Of Wrongdoing


Democrats have been crowing for years that the Mueller investigation would lead to President Donald Trump ending up behind bars. But guess what? None of that happened now that the full report has been released.

On Friday, the Justice Department announced that the investigation had concluded and that President Trump was cleared of “all wrongdoing.” And now the President is getting his revenge.

Rudy Giuliani announced  just minutes after news broke that the report was finished that the President would be “filing a federal libel lawsuit against CNN and other bad actors who have spent years lying about him and his family.”

The lawsuit lists numerous defendants, including CNN, Louise Mensch, Congressman Keith Ellison, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the Girlscouts of America, CBS, and more than 13,000 private citizens who “spread dangerous conspiracy theories regarding a video commonly called the ‘pee pee tape’.”

President Trump is seeking damages totaling more than $7.2 billion, as well as a disclaimer at the bottom of CNN’s reports declaring, “This organization spreads fake news.”

“It is the President’s hope that this lawsuit will deter people and fake news phonies from saying mean things about him,” Guiliani told Fox News on Friday. “No one even remotely associated with the President has caught a single charge. Just coffee-boys and others who had little to no contact with him during the campaign.”

The lawsuit is expected to force CNN and other fake news purveyors to clearly label their fake news so that their fakery doesn’t deceive and confuse Americans, 86% of whom support President Trump.

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