Trump Signed Papers to Transfer the Presidency to Don Jr. Before Going to Walter Reed ‘Just in Case’

Before going to Walter Reed for routine observation, President trump signed papers under the 25th Amendment to transfer the power of the presidency — just in case something goes terribly wrong.

Many people are under the assumption that Mike Pence would automatically ascend to the role in the case of Trump’s untimely death, but a provision in the 25th allows the president to appoint his own successor as long as the Vice President agrees and continues in his role.

In this case, Trump and Pence made the decision to go with Don Jr, because that way, the election could continue with a Trump on the ballot and the country in the capable hands.

According to official West Wing records, the transfer was approved by Vice President Pence and the entire cabinet.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, of course, are going crazy:

“Well, they’ve basically re-written the constitution. There is no provision for a President to appoint his own son to the throne, because there is no throne. They’re making it up, and none of it is valid.

“If Trump dies and Pence decides he doesn’t want it, the next in line becomes President. You can call me Madam President.”

Pelosi may have been right before Trump took office, but little does she know that Trump signed an executive order allowing any President to choose his or her own successor.

Whether they like it or not, Don Jr will be the next leader of the United States. He’ll have the right to give himself a different title if he prefers something like “Prime Minister” or “Chancellor” over “President.”

We’re with you, Chancellor Trump. We hear you, and we will comply.

Trump 2020. And forever.

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