Trump Shuts Down Dems Attempt to Socialize Stimulus

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

Donald Trump this week blocked attempts by liberal democrats to socialize the government response to the pandemic spreading across our nation. Democrats were attempting to pass “Heroes’ Pay” and a $2000 a month payment to Americans when Trump put the kibosh on it.

“We are not a socialist nation” decried an angry Trump, who stormed out of meetings with Democrats.

“We are not a socialist nation, and these attempts to make us one will stop now!”

He repeated, staring a hole right through Nancy Pelosi, who’d obviously been drinking to think that Trump or any red blooded republican would even give it a second thought.

Mitch McConnell‘s spokesman, Joseph Barron called the attempts to help Americans anymore than the republicans have already pretended to would be shut down.

“You’ve heard the president, Americans are warriors, and it’s not our job to help them, it’s our job to merely throw out catchphrases and pretend we care, that’s enough”.

Democrats were befuddled, left stammering and cursing under their breath about what had just happened and that Trump had gotten the better of them. Nancy Pelosi went back to her office for a three Jack and Coke lunch while Chuck Schumer threw a fit in front of reporters screaming at them to “Ask China”, a bit to steal Trump’s thunder at an earlier press conference.

Trump has said he will thwart any attempts to change how he does things or views this country. He is a war time president and the American people are his warriors, that he will sacrifice to save his economy. His base believes it’s what God sent him here to do, and that’s what he will do.

No matter if it’s more stimulus checks, health care, getting personal protection equipment to medical workers, Trump will stand in the way of anything he sees as weak or socialist, like wearing a mask or doing anything more than paying lip service to suffering Americans. And that, my friends, is what MAGA is all about.

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