Trump Says Landowner’s Votes Should Count More

“They Have Ownership”

Donald Trump has made it clear. If you own land or a business, your vote should count more, and as it was intended, you should be the only ones voting. Donald Trump believes that if you have “Skin In The Game,” that voters should have an investment in America.

He’s not the only one. It’s been tried before, but now, it’s more important than ever.

It’s a conservative’s beliefs that someone who sacrificed more should have the last say. They’ve given more, they have more to lose.

Why should they have to deal with lowly people’s votes who merely just go to work and go on with their lives? 

“Let’s be honest, I’ve made more money, my vote should count a lot more than someone making $15 an hour. What do they know?” says Sam Allen, CEO of John Deere. “If they knew anything, they wouldn’t be renting and they’d make more money.”

What does this mean for other Americans? It means they’ve got to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get to work. 

Why should a person who rents a home and makes less than $50,000 a year be able to have the exact same voice as someone who makes millions or billions of dollars?

It just makes no sense!! These are people who are the job creators! They should have the final say in elections!

Construction laborer Joe Barron and companion Sandy Batt, who combined make less than $62,000 a year agree.

“Why should we even have a voice,” Barron said, wiping sweat from his forehead. “I’m sure the guy finding ways to screw me out of a decent wage and creating new ways of not paying me what he owes me knows better than I do!”

Batt, who works in accounting just shakes her head, scraping by to make enough to pay for her medications.

Does this mean people who rent and make little money shouldn’t be able to vote? Of course not, that would be unconstitutional.

But giving those who make more and have more a bigger voice, and a better vote could make America great. Not for normal people, but those who are ultra rich. And really, who else matters?

Besides. They’re tired of pretending to care and having to give you less than decent healthcare.

We should totally leave it up to those who don’t care about actual Americans.

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