Trump Says “Butt Boy Isn’t Smart Enough To Be President”

Buttigieg for booty humor

Pete Buttigieg has formally announced his intention to run for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Buttigieg is a former Naval Intelligence Officer and has served as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana since 2012. He is also gay. And his last names starts with Butt.

Which begs the question, what makes him think he can win with that name, especially in combination with his sexual choices? It would be one thing to be named BUTTigieg if he were a heterosexual with a love for woman’s rears – an “assman”, if you will.  It might be acceptable if he had the kind of bum himself that one could bounce a quarter off. It would make perfect  sense if he were, say, a proctologist. These might lend coolness or humor to his surname.

Who can forget this license plate from a popular TV show? Petey is no Kramer.

But none of that applies. He is a homosexual, he is middle aged and flabby, and he’s a small town mayor. So instead of his moniker – BUTTigieg – being something that public can laugh with him about, it is a source for people to laugh at him. His last name just makes him the BUTT of jokes.

Buttigieg’s ass. Not something he should draw attention to.

So obviously, when President Trump learned of this potential rival’s identification, he offered some words of wisdom to America :

“Buttigieg? BUTTIGIEG? This man…..this gay man, wants to represent the United States to the world. This is an office of dignity and seriousness. It’s an office that requires respect. Who in the world would respect a man named BUTT? He’s being called ‘BUTT BOY’, for god’s sake! If he were smart enough to be president, he’d have changed his name by now!

This guy isn’t a president. He’s a punchline!”

We couldn’t agree more. Don’t even waste your time, BUTT BOY. America doesn’t want a clown in the White House that the world will laugh at


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