Trump Revokes Joe Biden’s Medal of Freedom

Back in 2013, Illegal President Barack Obama gave Joe Biden the Medal of Freedom, which is the highest honor a civilian can be given. Obama said it was for “courage in standing up to the evils of conservatism.” Biden, in true theatrical fashion, burst into tears and started hugging people.

Unfortunately, medals have to be earned. Upon review of the criteria for the medal, President Trump has decided that Biden isn’t worthy of wearing it and has rescinded it. Biden will be served notice that he is to return the medal or face prosecution for stolen valor.

According to our source inside the White House, the decision was an easy one:

“President Trump spent much of his Christmas break reviewing some of the decisions Obama made, and reversing most of them. Along with Biden’s medal, he also rescinded four Medals of Honor given to troops who were killed during their heroic actions. He instead awarded them the Presidential Medal of Gratitude, which comes with a $500 credit for burial expenses.

“The reasoning was simple: The President prefers the Medal of Honor to go to people who survived. He also pardoned three more patriots the Obama administration called ‘criminals’ because they ‘murdered’ innocent women and/or children in Iraq and Afghanistan. If they were over there, in an American uniform, they couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong. Those three are back with their families where they belong.”

Biden has no recourse, either. He has to accept the decision whether he likes it or not. This is just another example of how President Trump is playing on a different level than the Dems. At some point, they’ll have to learn that he’s in charge, and that it doesn’t matter what they think.

The Constitution is clear on executive power in this country. The President has it and nobody is allowed to challenge it. People who don’t know that have obviously never read it.

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