Trump Reopens ‘Promising’ Research Into Interdimensional Travel Obama Canceled

President Trump’s dedication to emerging science became readily apparent on Tuesday when he signed an executive order restoring funding to NASA’s “Einstein-Rosenberg Wing.”

This depertment, which was closed by Barack Obama when he stripped funding from NASA, dealt with “promising” research into interdimensional travel. According to Scientific American, the program was “on the verge of a major breakthrough” when Obama canceled 84 percent of funding for NASA. But now President Trump has restored the funding as part of his mission to build a strong Space Force our country can be proud of.

Newly declassified documents reveal that scientists had successfully “sent a Higgs-Moron particle across what appears to be interdimensional barriers, or the Einstein-Rosenberg Bridge” but that the Obama Administration became angry that “the particles could not be returned to our side.” Obama canceled the program because it was an “unnecessary expenditure” and diverted the funds to a special food stamp fund set up for illegal aliens.

Finally we have a President who pays attention to the science and wants to advance our country. Unlike Obama, President Trump thinks outside the box and gets things done.

The Trump Administration has “complete confidence” that “the reality of interdimensional travel is a mere decade away, with major advances in the coming months.”

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