Trump : “Recycling Turns You Into A Cuckold”

Trump doesn’t recycle. He’s ok.

We should all be thanking President Trump. Everyday. Not just for the stellar economic future he has provided us or for the peace he has brought to the world either. We need to begin thanking him for the sciencey and psychological revelations he provides through speeches and tweets. Especially when they reveal the true consequences of liberal pet projects.

There was windmills- found to cause cancer. Electric cars – now we know they cause erectile dysfunction. Solar panels – blackouts when the sun goes down. And now we have been told through a tweet the true cost to families of the oldest of liberal do-gooder promotions, recycling. His tweet says it all :

Yes, you read that right. The act of recycling- of having to separate what is really all garbage into different categories in order to save kittens or goldfish or whatever tf – emasculates men to point of causing them to be prone to being cuckolded. Recycling turns American males into spineless, pathetic cucks. 

Trump later expanded on this tweet with a brief statement describing his source of this knowledge :

“I have a friend. We’ll call him Jon. Jon used to be tough. You know, a man’s man. Ladies loved Jon almost as much as they love the Don. Haha! That’s not true. Nobody gets more ass than me!

Anyway, Jon was a real man. Then his wife made him recycle. He puts glass garbage separate from plastic garbage separate from cardboard garbage and all the rest. Women’s work. Now he watches every week as I bang his wife! SAD!”

Jon turned into a liberal cuck. That’s a fate worse than death. So thank the President today and every day for saving us all.

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