Trump Rally Crowd Size In Chicago Shows Dems Are Turning To Trump

The truth is right in front of you

The popularity of President Trump never stops growing……but you’ll never hear that from the media. In fact, they will consistently push the narrative that the opposite is true. As rally sizes explode, opinion polls show overwhelming support, and democrats continue to walk away, mainstream media sources constantly suppress this information. We at DWU are NOT mainstream media.

A recent rally for President Trump in the democrat stronghold of Chicago, Illinois showed by numbers what we all knew from simple observation – Trump is loved by people everywhere. The event saw upwards of 150,000 people arrive to witness our leader’s word and to show their absolute support for his reelection. Massive crowds filled both the stadium and the surrounding streets, with Trump 2020 t-shirts and signs everywhere. It was a glorious sight to see.

But to look at the usual media sources, one would think that this celebration of leadership didn’t happen. They were completely silent, with not one acknowledging the grand spectacle. It was an example of truly shameless partisan reporting (or lack thereof).

But MSM cannot hide the truth in the online Information Age. As the numbers of responsible news outlets grows online, the hidden truth will continue find its way into the homes of citizens nationwide.

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