Trump Proposes Massive Tariff on Chinese Corona Virus

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This is the “Mother of all Corona-Viruses, so they’ll just have to spread it to some other country

This is the Virus. Please Mr. Trump Save our Country

President Trump was furious when he found out that the deadly Corona virus originated in China and has spread to the United States in 2 confirmed cases said CDC spokesperson William “Bill” Fold. Reports are that these “victims” have had some headaches and sniffles, maybe a low-grade fever, but aren’t really that sick. No big deal really.

“It looks like they’ve taken one of our Patented viruses and done something to it and it mutated into God knows what.” Mr. Fold said today in a telephone interview from Washington D.C. “Those guys are always copying our stuff and turning it in to garbage.”

Trump vows to keep it out of the country by imposing a massive tariff on the virus. This is the “Mother of all Corona-Viruses, so they’ll just have to spread it to some other country because we are all full. If that means more tariffs, well then that is our position.”

“Our country is full, we can’t take any more viruses and if China won’t stop it I will.” the President said today from Mar-a-Lago Resort where he was relaxing from his busy schedule working, 18 to 20 hours a day.

“President Xi assured me that he was closing down Wu Tang Clan, which is a very populated area. Believe me, I can fix this disgraceful situation, but since Xi assured me he would take care of it, and I always believe in second chances.  Xi is still stinging from the soybean tariff’s he paid for so he knows I’m serious.”

That you are Mr. President, always working. Keeping America Great, no matter what and we applaud your efforts 100, no 110%

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