Trump offers Kyle Rittenhouse a Job: ‘That kid has a bright future’

President Trump hasn’t just congratulated Kyle Rittenhouse on Twitter. According to sources close to the Trump 2024 campaign, he’s putting together a package for the young man that will include a free college education and a job with the Trump Organization.

The news comes after Rittenhouse was cleared of murdering two people and maiming another. The charge that made those more serious charges a slam dunk was tossed out, in a move that is sure to get that judge a SCOTUS nomination in Trump’s next term.

According to our source, who may or may not be legitimate or credible, Trump sees greatness in young Kyle:

“He says that first he’s gonna put him through Wharton and set him up with the best tutors available so he never has to actually learn anything. They do it all for you at that level. Then, he’ll be moving on to the production side of the Trump Organizatio, where his acting skills can be put to good use.

“Trump was ecstatic that Kyle might make the board on the next ‘Apprentice. After four years on TV, he’ll be eligible to run for office.”

It’s all downhill from here, Kyle. Looks like your future is secure.

God bless America.

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