Trump Offers Inmates To Farmers To Replace Lost Migrant Workers

Just don’t call it slavery!

Ever since President Trump’s crack down on illegal immigrants began,  one particular complaint from the left has been consistent : The loss of migrant labor is killing independent farms and will raise food prices.

Now they are gloating about food rotting in the fields and minor increases in food prices. But President Trump always knew these things would happen. He’s not an idiot. But he also knew that these would be short term problems and he made plans to help small farmers through the short term so they could keep their farms while America Greatened.

But, of course, the Liberals wouldn’t shut up. They’ve yammered on enough that many farmers I have begun to actually listen. They’re worried and have said as much to Trump and so, to ease their minds, President Trump has offered a solution – federal inmates.

Trumps proposal is simple : Inmates in federal prisons will be given to the farmers to use as labor,  with a fee to be paid to an agency. Said agency is already existing under the nane of Trump Temps. We are assured that this is not affiliated with the First Family in any way. It’s some other Trump. It is a very common name, after all.

With these guys working the cotton fields, cotton farmers say America will he back into greatness.

Ivanka shared a few words in favor of the plan :

”My father and I have spoken to many farmers, particularly those in cotton picking, and we’ve heard of the hardships. We also heard many tales of when they felt America was greatest. And on that note tales of affordable labour came up time and time again. The migrant workers were cheap but they weren’t virtually free. Our slaves, er, prisoners paying off their debt to society will help with those labor cost issues.”

“Making Plantations Great Again” is the working title of this labor program.

The new program is expected to start by summer.

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