Trump Lifts Virginia Governor’s ‘State of Emergency’ Hoax – Orders National Guard to Stand Down

President Trump has put an end to the hoax “state of emergency” declared by the Governor of Virginia ahead of the gun rights march planned for later this week. According to the White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gerard DeTater, Trump was appalled by the Governor’s declaration:

“In this country you need a good reason to declare a state of emergency. You can’t just say there’s some threat and allocate troops and resources to fight it. That would be abuse of power and the courts would never allow it.

“That’s why President Trump has issued an executive order nullifying the Governor’s declaration. The order also declares that the 2nd Amendment supercedes the paranoia of Virginia Democrats and that guns can and will be allowed at the march.

“If the protesters decide to express their constitutional rights to overthrow their state government, The National Guard will not step in, at the President’s order. The federal government is ready to step in and assume control until the rightful occupants of Virginia put a new government in place.”

The order means that Virginia will have to fend for itself with its own police force and won’t be able to use Trump’s troops for their silly little resistance to the will of the people. This right here is what the 10th, 11th, and 14th Amendments are all about.

The Governor’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, says the fight for the sovereignty of the state will go to the Supreme Court:

“Trump has another thing coming if he thinks he’s gonna just take away Virginia;s National Guard and authority to protect its government and citizens from fringe lunatics worried that people are coming for their guns. Here’s an idea, you lunatics: Leave your guns at home and peacefully demonstrate all you like, like the actual constitution says and nobody will take anything.

“Guns are not permitted on State House property. No order from an orange imbecile will change that. The Mango Mussolini also needs to look up how the National Guard works.”

Those Democrats are always trying to rewrite the laws to suit their own needs, but we patriots know the truth. You can carry a gun anywhere in America as long as you’re demonstrating. The 1st and 2nd Amendment say so.

Not to worry, patriots. Trump won’t let us down on this one.

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