RINO Senators Refusing To Allow Witnesses That Would Exonerate Trump

The ridiculous coup attempt disguised as an impeachment trial of President Trump is a few days in and not much has happened. Rules have been set and guidelines for conduct established but little else.

Democrats are still trying to rig the outcome just as they did in the House inquiry but now there’s a twist. They’ve brought several RINO Republicans on board to help them in that effort.

Led by Mitt Romney, the RINOS are using their majority party status in the Senate to block witnesses from testifying – witnesses that hold the keys to potentially exonerating the President completely. Their reasons for this are blunt – to carry on with the farce and remove Trump by any means available.

Romney laid it out in plain terms:

“This president is a crook and a buffoon. He’s embarrassed us on the international stage and destroyed our credibility. The world is laughing at us because of our stubborn, tantrum throwing, crybaby leader. The damage will take years to undo and the process must start as quickly as possible.

I will run after Trump is disposed of and I will win. Only then will the international community begin to see America as a proud and competent nation again.”

Thus far, six witnesses have been blocked from appearing. All of them had been identified by the President as “knowing the truth.” These are the people who could bring to an end this mockery of our justice system and Republicans are disallowing them. Our own side is working against us.

The White House has yet to comment on this turn of events but a source inside has indicated that President Trump is seething with anger and looking at his legal options with his top-notch, child abuse apologist legal team.

Democrats lacked the power to manipulate the Senate proceedings on their own so they found help in the Senate traitors. All are snakes.

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