Trump Introduces Ban On Musslamic Guns

Liberals, of course, are opposed

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Liberals are citing this little known, obscure, second amendment to the United States Constitution in their opposition to a bill that would ban gun ownership by Musslamics. They are suggesting that to restrict gun ownership to US citizens violates their rights under this section. Laughable as it is, they also suggested First Amendment rights would be affected!

Meanwhile, militia groups around the country seek out RPG’s. ‘MURICA!!

NRA representative, Sara Dene  Isenberg,  explains the simple idiocy of the liberal argument :

“The second amendment is not universal. Government regulations on firearm sales and ownership exist in order to keep the population as a whole safe.

It says “a well regulated” right in the beginning for f**k’s sake! Keeping guns from a group of people based on their religion, nation of ancestry, or skin color because of the likelihood that they will all rise up against us, is just common sense.

That’s all we want. Common sense gun control.

And the first amendment? HA! That only applies to Christians! Checkmate libtards!”

It is overwhelmingly clear, based on Constitutional text, that the document only applies to white, Christian males. Ask any of your republican colleagues. They’ll tell you.

President Trump introduced the bill last week, after it was shown that 99.98% of mass shootings in the USA come at the hands of white, Christian males. He was confident that he would have the support of his base.

“My supporters know who is really terrorizing America. One date. Two words. Seven and eleven. That hit us and we have to keep hitting back or else they’ll hit us again. Trump 2020! YAAAAAHHHH!”

It is expected that the House of Representativess will reject the bill but that doesn’t matter. Executive powers , Baby! Trump will push it through.

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