Trump: ‘The Bible Supports Detaining Migrants’

The truth is right in front of you

Ever since the illegal migrant invasion of America began a few years ago, President has been roundly criticized by liberals across the nation for his handling of the situation. They claim that jailing them and removing their children is “barbaric”, “Hitleresque”, and “immoral”.  Even the  Vatican weighed in on the manufactured controversy by saying,”What would Jesus do? Not this”.

Trump has turned the other cheek, for the most part, to these criticisms but now he is firing back. He has released a Presidential Twitter Statement condemning those who would oppose him :

“I’ve been “called” immoral and unChristian for caging these foreign babies and locking up the adult criminals. Pope Francis called me a devil. But God is on MY side. The Holy Bible tells us that I am following the word of God.

Peter 29:6 – ‘If they should come in search of refuge, believe them not, for they are the children of Satan’

Paul 86:2 – ‘They that would put children in peril in the name of safety are not of God. They are barbarians seeking only to loot, murder, and cause you peril’

Mary 81:2 – ‘If I come seeking shelter, turn me away, for I am a Jezebel and will only cause harm’

This is scripchure. It clearly refers to these illegals. God will cast them to hell and me to heaven above.”

One could say that President Trump should have made these references earlier to cast aside the Democrat jibes, but he was simply not letting ego interfere with strong government. In any case, the truth – THE WORD – has now been told.


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