Trump Campaign Launches Secret Weapon to Defeat Democrats in November

Keep America Great!

The Trump administration and campaign have created a new website to help patriotic Trump supporting Americans bring new voters to the republican side.

The new site gives Patriots the talking points and facts they need to help others make educated decisions on why they need to support our president.

The campaign is extremely excited about the new site, as they’re sure it will help new voters cut through the propaganda and see the facts that the campaign have been trying to get out there.

“The media and liberals on social media have been drowning out our message of President’s amazing accomplishments, and now we can speak directly to the voters!” said Joseph Barron, head of the digital Trump 2020 campaign.

Super patriot and beer fan Sandy Batt sat in her living room in rural Montana and clicked on the site and was amazed.

“This really cuts through the crap and gives me all the information I need, right here without the bias and propaganda,” she exclaimed through sips of a cold beer. “Everything I need to share with  people is right here, it’s pretty great!”

The Trump campaign secured the website earlier in the year and has it up and running. 

“All they have to do is go to and it’s all there, even links to merchandise that they can be proud of wearing while they share this valuable information with fellow Americans who want to help keep America great again!” Barron said.

The website is extremely easy to navigate with pictures and quotes that Patriots can share and admire.

The Trump 2020 campaign is proud of what they’ve accomplished here, putting a brand new spin on internet campaigning with a brand new site for patriots to love.

They feel it’ll give the campaign new life and bring the best out of the faithful patriots!

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