Trump Calls for Murder Investigation Into MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

Will Joe Get Away With It?

Donald Trump over the weekend has called for an investigation into MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough for murder of an intern in 2001 while he was a congressman in Florida. The president’s tweet referred to the 2001 death of Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old aide at Scarborough’s office. This is a serious charge the President is leveling at the talk show host.

The president brought the charge up last week and after his own super duper investigating all by himself, he tweeted out the accusation against the MSNBC morning host, who Trump has a less than friendly relationship with.

Scarborough tells the truth, and Trump has a Twitter meltdown on the toilet every morning. It’s been like this for more than three years.

Although having absolutely zero evidence and Florida police and medical investigators have said that Ms. Klausutis died after a heart episode, President Trump is pressing on with the unfounded claims against his TV rival. Apparently he’s hoping for anything to stick to any journalist that dares to questions Trump’s integrity or the job he’s doing.

Scarborough has maintained his innocence, especially since the intern died nearly 20 years ago and calls this a baseless conspiracy theory, and now one Trump picked up on because of Scarborough’s relentless reporting and criticism of the President and his administration. When someone tweeted the charge to Trump, he jumped on it and it spread like wildfire, especially amongst Trump’s faithful twitter followers that number in the millions!

President Trump has been at war with several news personalities and journalists, calling them “nasty” and “fake news.” This is simply the latest and most serious charge he’s thrown out there.  But President Trump will press on, telling his truth, no matter who it hurts and no matter how untruthful it may be! This is why the USA will always be behind the MAGA movement. Because reality is only a word liberals use.

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