Trump Calls Disciplinary Hearing For AG Barr After ‘Disrespectful Interview’

President Trump has called a private disciplinary meeting of the Cabinet to discuss possible action against Attorney General William Barr after he openly disrespected the president in an interview with fake news ANC. Barr, who was supposed to sit down and back the President, instead took it upon himself to insult his Commander-In-Chief in front of a national audience.

According to White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Guillermo DeTater, the entire ordeal was unacceptable:

“The Executive Brnch itself isn’t a Democracy. Bill Barr was told to do something by his boss, and he did exactly the opposite. That did not go over well with President Trump.

“There are clear rules within each administration, and this one allows for no stragglers. Barr should have gone to Trump to air his dirty laundry. Under no circumstances will this go unpunished.

“This little stunt is nearly as bad as the whistleblower’s treason.”

Under Executive Rule 409L17, Barr is under the direction of the President at all times, even on social media. If his boss tells him via Twitter to change sentencing guidelines to protect a man he believes deserves some special treatment for his years of faithful service, it’s his job to listen and do as he’s told.

Preliminary reports say Barr could face consequences up to and including losing his job, and he’ll be lucky if the new AG doesn’t file charges in that case. The White House is supposed to be a secure location. This kind of dissent is close to what happened towards the end of the Soviet Union, and we all know what happened there.

William Barr has made the country less safe, and therefore the world. While he’s done a good job of defending the President in the past, it may be time for him to resign rather than stand and face the music.

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