Trump Accuser Alex Vindman To Be Charged As A Spy

The truth is right in front of you

Lt. Col Alexander Vindman gave testimony against President Trump, claiming that that there was indeed a quid, a pro, and a quo involved in Trump’s now famous phone call to the Ukraine. This seemed damning until it was revealed that Vindman was not an American, but a Ukrainian immigrant , and was therefore likely a double agent.

The accusation was met with anger from the left. Harsh words flew at the White House saying that it was deplorable to say such things about a war hero, but now, once again, the President has been vindicated. Alexander Vindman will be tried as a spy.

Sources say that formal charges will be coming soon and that a preliminary investigation has revealed no question of his guilt. Joe Barron of the Justice Department provided a few details:

“Lt. Col. Vindman may appear squeaky clean but the truth is he’s a dirty, ugly, stupid traitor. He came from the Ukraine and infiltrated our armed forces many years ago, then rose in the ranks.

He was sly and convincing enough to have made it into a position of personal advisory to the White House under Obama. President Trump trusted his predecessor’s judgement about Vindman’s abilities and trustworthiness but sees now that this was a mistake. Other Obama appointees will soon be revetted.

Our evidence has been compiled and is convincing. Though Mr Vindman has not yet been charged formally, he has been told of his fate and is currently under watch with his passport confiscated.”

The Democrat Impeachment effort is becoming more and more futile as their “witnesses” are discovered to be frauds. These hearings should soon come to an end.

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